This little campanula is growing in a crack by a doorstep in rue Volta.  Appropriately it is Campanula muralis, or campanula of the walls, now properly known as Campanula portenschlagiana.  It’s a native of Croatia, naturalised as a garden escape in many parts of Europe.  I guess this is the seedling of a window box plant, though I couldn’t see a likely parent plant in the street.

Seedlings take root in the most unpromising cracks and crevices around the city.  At first I got the impression that nothing much but plantains survived in our quartier but since I started looking more carefully I’ve been surprised at the variety of different species around the streets.

My adventure in urban botanising was prompted by a library copy of Sauvages de ma Rue (or wild things in my street), the handbook of a citizen science project of the same name initiated by the national museum of natural history.  I ventured out with camera and notebook this morning and found twenty different plants within two minutes walk of our flat.  Most aren’t flowering yet so I’ll have to go back for a positive identification, maybe first thing on a quiet Sunday morning!