Another picture from yesterday’s visit to the Parc de Sceaux, just outside the Paris city limits.

On of the beauties of the park is the variety of the green spaces between the grand formal axes. Green rides, gravel paths and long lawns cut sight lines through the woods and incidentally offer a multitude of different places for picnics, play or sunbathing.   Some spaces are completely enclosed by woodland, some offer open views over the town and others, like this long grassy slope, lead your eye down to the massive fountain jet in the octagonal lake.

The park at Sceaux was designed to impress and still achieves that aim.  Today it’s also a great place for flying a kite, learning to ride a bike, playing frisbee, walking the dog or dozing in the sun.  The park was designed to demonstrate control over nature and the personal power of its owner.   The clipped trees and hedges still show nature kept firmly in its place, but the blocks of woodland are left to their own devices and the clearings are full of bird song.    The gates are open from dawn to dusk and anyone can find a place in the park to call their own.