It’s been a mostly cold, grey week again so the flower buds on the rose, clematis and geraniums are still biding their time.  There’s a scattering of flower colour from the little campanula (scrambling through the other plants) and the polygala (mostly flowering on the outside of the railings) but the dominant colour on the terrace is still definitely green.  Not that I’m complaining.  There’s plenty of variety among the leaf greens, ranging from pale lime and bronze tints in the new growth to the heavy, dark greens of mature evergreen leaves.  There’s a general sense of freshness and growth and a promise of good things to come, if we get a bit of warm weather before the greenfly and snails start multiplying.

Earlier this week I spotted a snail making it’s way towards the hostas, moments before it was spotted by a blackbird.  I thought it was only thrushes that could cope with snail shells but the blackbird made short work of this one.