The leaf span of the larger hosta is now too wide to fit comfortably in the corner between the two plant boxes.  It has grown at a startling rate this year and is already far bigger than it was at the end of last summer.  Last year it must have been concentrating on building up reserves in its roots, ready for a quick start after the winter.

Moving one plant on the terrace has a knock on effect all round.   The large potted fern has moved to screen a dark, scruffy corner.  The smaller, blue-grey hosta has bagged a place on the (relatively) sunny side of the terrace, thanks to the way its leaves echo the colour of the eucalyptus.  The waxy bloom on the leaves of ‘blue’ hostas make them more sun tolerant than the pale green and variegated varieties, not that too much sunshine is a problem anywhere on this terrace.

I bought the white, daisy-flowered Anthemis at the flower market today – blue-grey foliage again, but a delicate contrast to the bold hosta leaves – completely pot bound when it arrived.   I hope it will respond well to the luxurious conditions of its big, new pot.

The straggly plant in the white window box is a winter jasmine.  It was very slow to come into leaf in the spring but is finally starting to catch up.  I’m not sure the window box (which came with the flat) really suits it.    I imagined the jasmine scrambling up the bars to screen the blocked up window, with its yellow flowers picking up the colour of the window ledge tiles, but it’s got a way to go yet.

There’s a ‘before’ picture of this end of the terrace, taken a year ago, on the Beginnings page of the blog.  It’s looking and feeling a lot less stark now.  This picture would feature the inevitable chair or two but I moved them, and the table, out of the way.