Gardening on a rather more modest scale.  Walking through Paris back streets, I often glance up appreciatively at other people’s window boxes.  I was admiring a collection of fuchsias and geraniums, at a second floor window on rue Pastourelle,  when a spark of lemon yellow caught my eye on the building next door.

This little lemon tree, squeezed onto a narrow window ledge, sets a gardener’s mind wandering. Was it an ill-advised present or an optimistic impulse buy?  Is its owner saving the one, ripe lemon for a special occasion, or haven’t they noticed it there, round the corner of the window frame?  Lemons take remarkably well to pot culture and plants this size are often sold with a few fruit already developing.  Maybe this is the last of a surprising crop, whether cherished or overlooked.

The dog looks as though he’s on guard by the tree and isn’t enjoying the experience very much. That’s just a quirk of his eye patch markings – he was actually looking from side to side in the street with alert interest.  Presumably his owner trusts him not to try to take a short cut to the action below.