It seems that Parisian blackbirds don’t recognise strawberries.   Going away just as the window box strawberries were starting to ripen, I was expecting to come back to empty stalks or half eaten berries.  The blackbirds patrolling my Yorkshire allotment would sample each berry just as it came ripe,  unless the plants were securely netted.  Those birds had grown up knowing that a flash of red among the green leaves was well worth investigating.  Here that flash of red is more likely to be a geranium coming into flower – not worth a second glance from a hungry blackbird.

The first few berries are well formed and surprisingly large.  (Some of those following on are rather misshapen, showing signs of incomplete pollination.)  The taste, on a chilly morning, is fresh and fruity but sadly unexceptional.  I’ll leave the next one to warm in the sun a little before I sample it.