It was a stem of wild clematis curling through one of the holes that first caught my eye.  When I’d parked the bike against the fence, I noticed the bold yellow and black graffiti and the young shoots of Ailanthus beyond the sheet metal panel. Then I saw the clouds, reflected in the black enameled surface.  Three layers of patterns and images make for a puzzling picture.


trackside flight        trackside revers

trackside        trackside clouds


This section of the disused Petite Ceinture railway isn’t open to the public and SNCF are trying to make sure it stays that way.  The fence, which secures the track against all but the most determined adventurers, has been embellished with cut steel panels, giving tantalising glimpses and interesting reflections.  I didn’t climb the fence to take the pictures from the inside.  There’s a fenced in pedestrian way that crosses the track, with a neatly cut hole in the wire mesh at camera height!