The old water treatment station alongside Canal St Martin carries the name of the city cleansing department, picked out in small, rather grubby, blue and white tiles.  There are also two neat additions in matching tiles.

Space Invaders tile mosaics, found all over Paris, are sometimes bright and conspicuous, sometimes subtly camouflaged to reflect their surroundings.  This one definitely falls in the latter category.  From street level it looks like a civic motto on the official sign.  It’s only if you look closely, from a bridge over the canal, that the familiar characters and implausible words are obvious.

Invader, an anonymous French artist, started installing his mosaics in Paris in 1998 and has since ‘invaded’ cities throughout Europe and beyond.  The artist’s website informs me that there are over 1,100 invaders scattered across Paris, so tracking and photographing them could become an obsession.  I’ll try to avoid that!