Baskets of flowers placed decoratively on the stone steps and a note pinned to the weathered blue door.  A country cottage idyll in a city courtyard but there’s something odd about that door, quite apart from the fact that it’s a trompe l’oeil painting on a plain metal door.




It looks as though the artist careful studied the shutters on the house next door and copied the panels and bracing.  The bracing is on the inside, visible when the shutters are open, so we’re looking at the inside of that door too.  A door out into another garden?  Or did the artist just like the diagonal pattern so ‘fitted’ the door inside out?  This is a door to enjoy in passing, not one to study for too long!




Village St Paul, in the 4th arrondissement, is a series of interconnected courtyards surrounded by ancient buildings and carefully camouflaged modern infill.  It’s a sheltered, peaceful place that feels like a forgotten corner from another century or a smaller town.  The gently rustic trompe l’oeil door (painted in 1995 by Atelier Un Autre Regard) looks right at home.

The gorgeous leopard is clearly (and ironically) a modern, urban animal.  Its the work of Mosko et Associés who have been bringing savannah wildlife to the streets of Paris since 1989.


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