Despite the name, this is not a café and there’s no gare or station here.  The Café de la Gare is a small comedy theatre (or café-theatre), established in Montparnasse in 1969.  After two years the original premises became too small and the theatre relocated to an old relais de poste on the edge of the Marais, formerly known as l’Auberge de l’Aigle d’Or.  The main entrance is through a courtyard on Rue du Temple.  This is the back door, just off Rue du Renard.  It looks as though the yellow cat is on guard.




Le Café de la Gare has anarchic roots and remains fiercely independent to this day.  It was established by a group of young actors who ‘built a theatre with their own hands’ and wrote (or improvised) their own scripts for sketches and anti-establishment farce.  Some of the theatre’s founders (who included Coluche, Patrick Dewaere and Miou-Miou) went on to become established figures in the world of French theatre and film but irreverent comedy is still the mainstay of the theatre’s programme.   M. Chat (the grinning yellow cat) seems an appropriate addition to the theatre’s back door, whether invited or not.


A post for Thursday Doors.