You can’t rely on telling the time by public clocks in Paris (few and far between and varying in accuracy), but they give a rough idea of time passing on a city stroll.  Here are nine clocks, keeping track of time on a winter Sunday afternoon.

(Click on any clock to view the gallery)



3.00 – Palais de Luxembourg

3.14 – Orangerie in the Jardin du Luxembourg – this one was running fast

3.16 – Mairie du 6ème arrondissement

3.20 – a café in the 6th arrondissement – not quite sure where

3.24 – Boulevard St Germain

3.40 – Bibliotheque Mazarine – cardinal Mazarin’s library

4.10 – Place St Michel

4.12 – Conciergerie – Paris’ oldest public clock, installed in 1371 and recently restored

4.20 – Hotel de Ville – the clock has stopped and reads 1.10.


Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge Time