There’s an elegant, vintage bike propped nonchalantly outside the Boulangerie on the corner of Rue Poitou.  It’s there every day and gone every night.  I assumed it was used by someone riding to work there (the elaborate facade of the bakers shop with its gold lettering and country landscapes is now the entrance to a boutique hotel), until I noticed that the chain was rusted solid.  This bike isn’t transport, it’s window dressing.

The sturdy delivery bike with its bright yellow rack is in working order and regular use.  It stands outside the organic grocer’s until someone asks for their shopping to be delivered. It’s practical but not just functional.  The yellow metalwork matches the shopfront and the eco transport enhances the image of the shop.

I’ve started noticing interesting combinations of bikes and buildings, stylish or quirky, deliberately placed or haphazard.   Often there’s a car in the way of a photo, or I’m pedaling past in the rain, but my collection of ‘bikes by doors’ is growing.  Here are the best so far.



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