Gardening is an art practiced in four dimensions.  There’s no finished creation, just the current state.  That’s true for all gardens, or art works made with living plants, whether they are rooted in good earth or anchored in a high tech, vertical wall covering.

This green wall on the corner of Rue d’Aboukir (grandly entitled l’Oasis d’Aboukir) is entering its fourth season.  It is still green and growing, even in February.  There’s an interesting mix of plants, though probably rather less variety than the 237 different species originally planted.  The pattern of diagonal waves is still visible, though rather shaggy.  Most of the plants seem to be thriving but there are bald patches developing and the windows in the facade have nearly disappeared.  It’s time to call in the abseiling gardeners.



If this is the face of the green wall in its maturity, what does old age look like?   Maybe there will be a rejuvenation before that stage is reached.

Click on any image to view the gallery or here for views of the green wall in its youth.