A sturdy, classic bike chained to the railings of an historic church.  A chocolate brown bike parked by the desert menu outside a café.  Orange and green bikes in harmony, set against a grey wall.  Since I started noticing them, I keep seeing bikes with character placed in the setting that looks just right for them.



The Norwegian knitwear shop has branched out into colourful rain jackets and secondhand bikes.  Both coats and bikes are carefully ranged according to size.  And finally an ultra-practical town bike with child seat, chain guard and spoke guard, parked by the door of a brightly decorated creche.

Unlike the bike that prompted this series of photos (see A Bike by the Door), these are chance juxtapositions, but sometimes I wonder.  Did any of these riders, finding a handy parking place, pause momentarily to think ‘my bike looks just right  there’?  Probably not!

(Click on any bike to view the gallery)

This post is linked to Thursday Doors.   Apologies to any door enthusiasts who feel the bikes are stealing the limelight from the real stars of the show.