High cloud and sunny intervals transformed today from winter to spring.  On days when the cloud is low and grey the lengthening days are cut short and the halfway season between winter and spring seems endless.  Then the cloud lifts, the sun breaks through and the season changes in an instant.




Today the hazy sunshine picked out details that are easily overlooked on a cloudy day.   In the Parc Floral the leafless twigs of the witch hazel bushes were laden with dense clusters of their strange, spidery flowers. From a distance the haze of yellow around the twigs looks random. Up close the regular form of the individual flowers becomes clear.

(Click on the photo for a closer view)




February always seem to drag, even though it’s the shortest month of the year.  I know spring’s on its way but I find it hard to really believe in the yearly renewal of the seasons until I feel the warmth of the sun, see the fresh green of new leaves and smell the scent of spring flowers. Spring sunshine brings with it a sense of relief and the promise of new beginnings.

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