They’re not white doves, just town pigeons, but the wedding photographer must have thought they’d make a good picture.  Huddled in a mass, pecking up grain they look like animated, grey pebbles, not so photogenic.  Dramatic in flight but what’s the chance of framing the perfect shot of the happy couple amid whirling wings?  By the time she had pigeons eating out of her hand, the bride was looking cold and her smile was wearing thin.

Just out of the picture is one of the most photographed buildings in Paris. You’ve seen the classic view many times, probably featuring your best friend, cousin or next door neighbour in the foreground.  We’ll get to that view soon but first here are a few snapshots looking up, down and round the corner.

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The wedding party had already wrapped up and left by the time the sun came out.



Inspired by the Discovery Challenge Snapshots