It’s just a year since my first post on Beyond the Window Box and I’ve been taking stock.  From my early descriptions of small scale gardening on our shady, Paris balcony I quickly branched out into exploration of the city’s parks and green spaces.



As spring merged into summer I visited lesser known green places and revisited favourite haunts. I discovered wild flowers in the city and the unexpected pleasures of a beach by the River Seine, whatever the weather.



Sunny days and mild nights brought long-lasting autumn colour to street trees and parks. My photography improved, thanks to a new camera and I finally allowed myself to branch out into posts that didn’t always focus on plants, parks or gardens.  Street art and interesting doors ceased being accidental extras in portraits of trees and took centre stage in their own posts.



The end of the year was a strange time.   Only one month on from the horror of the November terrorist attacks, the world’s press was in town again for the COP21 climate change conference.  While remembering those who had died, been injured or bereaved, Paris reaffirmed the best of city life and looked towards the future.



Now we’re back to the changeable weather of early spring.  Each returning season is familiar but different; each year’s discoveries are illuminated by last year’s experience.  I’ve learnt a lot in a blogging year, from researching the history of places I’ve photographed but also simply by looking more closely and finding a story to tell.  There’s so much more to discover!



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