Although it is now in the middle of a large and noisy city, Rome’s Trastevere district still has a small town air about it.  Narrow, twisting streets with irregular stone paving slow down the vehicles that venture into the area; many of the streets are left largely to pedestrians.

Doorways in Trastevere show signs of adaptation and alteration over the centuries, with digicode locks and intercoms alongside ancient ironmongery and polished brass knockers. Smartly painted doors and lush potted plants stand out boldly against walls in faded shades of ochre and terracotta, showing their age but good for a few more centuries.

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Nearly all these photos were taken in Trastevere last week but anyone who knows Rome well may recognise one or two from the other side of the river.

This post is my contribution to this week’s Thursday Doors.  Follow the links to find more ordinary and extraordinary doors around the world.