Boulevard Magenta that is, running from north to south of the tenth arrondissement.  Busy, lively, a bit scruffy, rather noisy.  Full of interesting details if you’ve got time to stop and look. Change and movement are the order of the day, so here’s a selection of classic Magenta doors, with passersby.  (Click on any photo to view the gallery).



Cut through the network of ancient streets in 1855, Boulevard Magenta is lined with five storey, stone buildings of the style and pattern laid down in Baron Haussman’s building code.  The proportions of the different floors, the position of the doors and windows all follow standard patterns but the architects had free reign in the choice of decorative details.  They made the most of that freedom.

These doors are all from the odd numbered, west side of the boulevard, with a detour into Rue de Lancry for the green one.


This post is a Friday extra for  Thursday Doors.