Seen through the rain across the vast expanse of the Cour Carrée it looks at first like a trick of the watery light.  On second glance it seems that a glass paneled structure in the central pool is distorting the view.  As you approach the structure it becomes clear that the panels are not transparent but reflective.  The symmetry of the courtyard means that the surreal mirror images join up with the real buildings beyond but it is possible to walk up to multifaceted structure opposite a corner and not see your own reflection.


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This is Panorama, an ‘architectural artwork’ produced by collaboration between artist Eva Jospin and the architects of Outsign.  Conceived specifically for the Cour Carrée, the structure will later go on tour to a number of cities around the world, transforming each new setting into a unique work of art, before it moves on again.

The panorama inside the structure will be the same wherever it lands; a wraparound version of Eva Jospin’s signature cardboard forest.  It wasn’t open today (as it’s Tuesday) but there’s a glimpse on the architects’ website here.