The shared umbrella may be sheltering the unlikely pair in the picture but it doesn’t protect the paper from storm damage.   This paste-up in the idealistic Parapluies series by Le Mouvement is looking a little the worse for wear.




The tall guy in Arab robes is reading l’Itinérant, the French equivalent to Britain’s Big Issue street paper, which offers a source of income to homeless people.  While every large town in Britain has its Big Issue sellers with regular pitches, I’ve never been offered a copy of l’Iti by a street seller in two years in Paris.  According to a Wikipedia article, l’Itinérant is the sole survivor of twenty different street papers that were printed in the Île-de-France region in the 1990s and has itself dropped from an annual print run of 200,000 copies to a mere 10,000.  It seems that good intentions don’t sell as well as they used to.