From the massive doorways on the east of Le Louvre the axis leads across the Cour Carrée, under the arches of the central block, through the glass entrance pyramid and on to through the triumphal arch and the Jardin de Tuilleries.  From this angle it sometimes seems as if the Cour Carrée is just an incidental feature on a grand progression.  For the moment the view is turned in on the courtyard itself, thanks to the strange reflections of the mirrored sculpture installed in the central pool, Panorama by Eva Jospin.



The reflections on the far side of the structure give a surreal version of the view through the archways to the pyramid….



while a door in the side invites you to walk through the looking-glass facades into a hidden landscape.



Click on any photo for a closer view.  There are more views of the wonderful reflections in Tuesday’s post, Architectural Illusions and a glimpse inside the sculpture here.

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