The sun has reappeared from behind the clouds and the street trees are in full leaf.  The Carreau du Temple appears to be full of trees but the reflected foliage is all outside.



This elegant, nineteenth century market hall is now a concert hall and events venue – a prominent and popular public building, actively promoted by the local mairie.  In 1976 it took a large public campaign and petition to save the building from demolition, favoured by the then mayor to make room for a car park.  Times change.



Although the decision to demolish the hall was reversed in 1976 it took thirty years of campaigning before the funds were raised to fully renovate and redevelop the building.  The new Carreau du Temple was finally inaugurated in February 2014.  It’s now a thoroughly modern building with beautiful, timber clad rooms built within the original structure and photovoltaic tiles scattered across the glass roof.

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