The window boxes are at eye level when you’re outside looking in.  Watering the geraniums, up close to the flowers, I’ve noticed some details that hadn’t caught my eye before.



The bold, feathered markings on the pink-flushed flowers should leave pollinators in no doubt where the honey lies.  The stamens in these newly opened flowers are laden with brick red pollen, waiting for a passing bee or fly.



These flowers have been open a few days longer and the colour seems to be fading.  The stamens have fallen and now the star shaped stigma has appeared, ready for pollen to be transferred from other flowers.



A few days on and the remaining petals are looking blotchy.  Some petals have already fallen, some flowers are starting to form seeds and the curled back stigmas look like the flailing arms of five branched starfish.

These ‘balcony geraniums’ aren’t showing signs of cascading yet but the warmest months of summer are still to come.


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