It may be unofficial street art but this lizard is the work of an established, third generation mural painter.  Louyz is the granddaughter of Fabio Rieti, the artist behind a number of grand trompe l’oeil murals painted in the 1970s and 80s and restored over the years since.

Fabio was encouraged to take up mural painting by his father-in-law Emile Aillaud, an idealistic architect who felt that painted and mosaic murals could help to humanise the oversized blocks of modernist social housing developments. Leonor Rieti learnt painting and mural techniques from her father and developed her own style.  Now that 90 year old Fabio is no longer up to climbing scaffolding it is Leonor who restores and repaints his murals when necessary.  Louyz has carried on the trompe l’oeil tradition but she has also developed commercial sidelines with her distinctive lizards printed on bags and T-shirts.




This may be street art at its most respectable but it’s still a lively addition to the Paris street scene.  It’s just a shame that the background to this wonderful reptile doesn’t match the surrounding wall.

Thanks to Street-Heart for the history of the Rieti family and their murals.