The Royal Border Bridge is one of three bridges spanning the River Tweed at Berwick upon Tweed, England’s most northerly town.



Despite its name this 28 arch railway viaduct doesn’t span the actual border between England and Scotland.  That unmarked line runs a few miles north of the town.




An arch of the Royal Tweed bridge frames a view of the 17th century Berwick Bridge. The reinforced concrete bridge was built in the 1920s to carry the newly designated A1 road on its route from London to Edinburgh.



Low tide at the old Berwick Bridge.  From 1624 until it was bypassed in 1928  this fifteen arch stone bridge was the crossing point for the Great North Road.   The 1920s bridge was bypassed in its turn after only 60 years use.



The Royal Tweed and Berwick bridges seen from a train on the Royal Border bridge.

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