The leading rider comes into view as the final stage of the Tour de France passes Le Louvre.


team sky pass le louvre on final stage of tour de france


Team Sky is close behind with Chris Froome, in yellow, on his way to victory.



Seconds later the mass of the peloton flashes by.  Sneeze and you’ve missed it.




La patrouille de France welcomes the Tour to the Champs Élysées.



Spectators in Paris have several chances to see the race passing as the course includes laps around a central loop.  Here riders round the sharp bend between the Louvre and the Tuilleries for the second time.




Third time along the Quai des Tuilleries with Peter Sagan, all in green, at the left of the picture.

The sun shone and good-humoured crowds lined the route, cheering on riders lagging at the back as much as those setting the pace at the front.  As Chris Froome said yesterday in his brief speech from the winner’s podium, tragedies like the events in Nice on Bastille Day ‘put sport into perspective, but show how important the values of sport are… Vive le Tour, et vive la France!’