There’s no doubt these are giants.  They seem to be bending and twisting to fit themselves into the confines of the building’s facade.



A green stem, shooting from an outstretched hand, is twining up the building and heading for the roof.  Surely a magic beanstalk if there’s a giant involved?



Or perhaps not.  The character at the left, signed by Botkin, does look as if he (or she) could have strayed out of a fairy tale.



The second (also by Botkin) looks rather more technological.



The third (by Bonar) combines sinewy muscularity with a strange, scaly and removable head. The fourth (by Shantz) is red, purple and rather amorphous.



There may be no overall narrative to this work but it gives a great sense of movement and a hint of hidden stories.  The 70m long mural is a collaboration between three Montreal based artists, painted in April 2015 as part of the Chromatic Paris festival.  It still looks as good as new.

The entrances hidden in the mural are incidental to the photos but doors they are, so this post is a late bonus for Thursday Doors.