The small, almost human figures all seem to be hurrying in the same direction, even though some are encumbered by legs or arms that branch into twigs or roots.


mural David de la Mano Paris 13 autumn


Some have horns, antennae, donkey’s ears or strange objects balanced on their heads.


mural David de la Mano Paris 13


As the individual figures merge they form a human profile.  Spanish artist David de la Mano explores ideas of humanity and nature, takes inspiration from ancient cultures and leaves the viewer to use their own imagination to interpret his images.


water hares Pantonio Paris 13


Just across the road, twisting forms suggest dancing hares and swirling water.  Portuguese artist Pantonio takes inspiration from the rivers, oceans and wildlife but adds an inspired touch of imagination.  (Sadly this small mural is currently half hidden by hoardings)


mural Pantonio Paris 13


The David de la Mano mural was commissioned in 2015 as part of Street Art 13, a joint project of Galerie Intinerrance and the Mairie of the 13th Arrondissement.  You can see the work in progress here.   Many larger murals by Pantonio can be found across the world, including a 66m high wall in Paris I’ve somehow overlooked in passing.  I’ll make sure I’m looking the right way next time.