Eight storey high murals aren’t uncommon in the 13th arrondissement but this new one by Seth is still stopping passersby in their tracks.  While I was trying to get a good photo on a grey evening two people stopped to take pictures with their phones and two others paused in passing to comment.  ‘Bien fait, non?’  ‘Joli, n’est pas?’  



The colours sing out across the street, even in fading light.  The figure somehow manages to look small despite reaching to the fifth storey.  It makes people smile.  So why do I feel this mural is maybe too much of a good thing?  I went back for a second look on a sunny day.  Then I remembered this photo, from a scruffy corner in Butte aux Cailles on a grey January morning.



Same colours, same child but a spontaneity and sense of possibility that the ‘official’ version can’t quite capture.  I’m glad Seth is getting commissions for large pieces that will last the years but I hope he doesn’t give up on the unexpected corners.