Delicate Balance is the title of this mural by Shepard Fairey, installed in Rue Jean d’Arc in July as part of an exhibition entitled Earth Crisis.


Delicate Balance Shepard Fairey Paris 13


It’s an impressive mural, echoing the design of Shepard Fairey’s equally impressive installation at the Eiffel Tower during the COP21 conference.  I only saw that giant suspended globe from a distance and simply registered it as our familiar blue planet.  Photos of the globe in situ suggest a giant Christmas tree bauble.  Only close-up views show the symbolism and complicated iconography of the detail.


Delicate Balance Shepard Fairey


So back to the mural, elaborate, decorative and delicately balanced.  Does that image remind you of looming environmental crisis and the urgent need for action to limit climate change, as the artist intended?  Or does the reassuring colour and pattern of carefully crafted graphics suggest that everything’s under control?

Click on the image above for a closer view, to make up your own mind, and here for images of the artist and his crew in action.  Certainly a delicate operation!