Subtle colours, elegant drapery and soft shading lend an air of decorum to this mysterious woman.



From a distance the crown of flowers suggests a halo…



but on closer view she doesn’t look so saintly.   A necklace of skulls encircles a scarf of stars and planets, the woman’s face has an unearthly glow and that apple looks as though it holds dangerous magic. (Click on the photo for a closer view)

This strange but beautiful mural is the work of Chilean artist Inti Castro who takes inspiration from South American traditions and legends as well as Christian symbolism. There are magical elements to many of his images (sometimes homely, sometimes weird and always rich in colour and texture) as well as unexpected details to prompt the imagination to make its own magic.


The mural on Boulevard Vincent Auriol was commissioned as part of Street Art 13.

This post prompted by the Weekly Photo Challenge Magic.