This history doesn’t run in chronological order and it may not all be reliable but then every history has its alternatives.   On the short side of the L-shaped mural, by the steps of the Basilica San Lorenzo, Saint Ambrose, a fourth century bishop of Milan, is calming a wild and hairy figure.  Ambrose is said to have cast out a devil from a man possessed so I guess that’s him in the picture.  On the other hand he could be a pagan outraged by Ambrose’ persecution of his faith.  Take your pick.

On the long side of the 40m mural Napoleon Bonaparte crosses the alps on his white horse before arriving in Milan to be crowned king of Italy, the dragon of the Visconti family grapples with the eagle of the Duke of Milan in a 15th century battle,  Giuseppe Verdi conducts one of his operas and Leonardo de Vinci (aided by Mr Blob) invents the spray can….



Milan Street Hi-Story, a selection of highlights from two millennia of Milan’s history, was commissioned at the initiative of Don Augusto, the parish priest of the Basilica next door. There must have been some interesting planning meetings.

Artists involved in the 2014 project include Acme 107, Gatto Nero,  GEP (who did the calligraphy) and Mr. Blob.

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