At the end of another overcast, grey day I went looking for rainbows.  I’d only just turned off the boulevard towards Butte aux Cailles when the familiar colours of a Seth mural caught my eye.



Seth has been painting commissioned murals recently (ranging from the large to the enormous) but he’s still finding time for unofficial street corner pieces.  Up close you can appreciate the sure, spontaneous lines of the drawing and the attention to detail as the rainbow colours are tucked under the almost monochrome background.



A glimpse of rainbow colours behind a monochrome world is a recurring theme of Seth’s work. This street corner mural has survived at least four years of repainting and tagging on surrounding walls and still looks remarkably fresh.  The adjoining wall, previously a rather messy collection of odds and ends, has recently been repainted by Mecca and Flex, names that recur in different collaborations on walls around the area.  I like the way that the lines of the background echo the plant stems trailing over the wall.



Here’s another piece by Flex, this time in collaboration with Sarcé and Aulp.  The black and white face to the right is by Mr Reynard….



who has also been at work on this wall nearby, tucking a face in between two exisiting images. Street art is largely tolerated and sometimes commissioned in Butte aux Cailles.  Several walls seem to have a regular background repaint to tidy them up and make room for new images.  I don’t know who decides what is overpainted and what should be allowed to remain – maybe that’s decided by whatever stays untagged.



Finally another almost rainbow, this time the work of Zabou.  A touch of colour for a grey day.

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