C215 (or Christian Guémy) is another street artist who has made the transition to large scale respectability but still finds time for unofficial street corner art.  Intricate stencil portraits, inspired by faces in the street, find their place on the out of the way corners and utility boxes that people usually walk past without a second glance.  This one faces on to the street behind a row of parked cars so its especially easy to miss.



It’s hard to imagine anyone objecting to C215’s street art (though I’m sure some people do). It’s skillful, spontaneous, thought provoking in a very gentle way and brightens up dingy street corners in need of a lift.


street art paris anonymous


This raw, freehand portrait might be less welcome, despite the obvious skill of the artist.  This unsigned addition to the entrance of a building is painted on smooth marble tiles so it may succumb to the attentions of a cleaner soon.