February sun tempts the early crocus buds to open and draws bees from their hibernation.



Today started grey and cold but by early afternoon the crocuses in the Jardin des Plantes were basking in the sun while dozens of bees buzzed hurriedly from one newly opened flower to the next.



The crocuses don’t face much competition in attracting pollinators at this time of year.  Even among the vast range of species in this botanic garden there are few plants offering nectar just now. The crocuses are thriving in their allotted place in the garden border but they have also been seeding prolifically into the adjacent lawn – plenty of pollinators means lots of seed. The spreading pool of wide open flowers offers a feast for the bees that nothing round here can match.  Crocuses and bees benefit each other which is what they’ve evolved to do.


Prompted by the Weekly Photo Challenge A Good Match.