The cordonnier repairs shoes and he takes his time.  Is that clear?  No trainers, no while-you-wait repairs, no bag repairs, no key cutting and definitely no sales of tools or shoe related bric-a-brac, the signs in the window are quite definite.



It all sounds rather daunting – I’m not sure my shoes would qualify for repair here – but the shoe repairer clearly has a sense of humour.  Click on any of the photos for a closer view. Between the antique lasts, wooden clogs, shoe forms and tools you’ll find a Beware of Crocodiles sign, a book on how to work more for less money and a reminder that 48 hours notice is required for miracles.



Don’t be too confident of your welcome in this shop, though.  Half hidden by the hand written list of revised opening hours there’s a small plaque advising Cordonnier Lunatique.  That doesn’t mean he’s mad, just moody or temperamental.



I thought the cyclist would make a good contrast with the traditional style of the cobbler’s shop.  It was only when I looked closer at the photo that I noticed the toes of her shoes.  I’m not sure the cobbler would approve.

(Click twice for a close-up view)