The domed tower of the old hospital chapel, peeping above the raised metro line, is echoed by the small domed figure on the Space Invader mosaic.  I’m pretty sure this is a new arrival (I pass this spot several times a week when I’m in Paris) but maybe I’d just overlooked it before.



The little black character at the bottom of the photo is easy to overlook too.



This mosaic has been around a while.  It’s high up on a wall in a quiet side street, glimpsed from an adjoining street at a higher level.



I usually pass this corner on a bike, paying close attention to the traffic.  Walking past for once, I waited for the lights to change and looked up…



Once you’ve got your eye in for these small and subtle street art installations they seem to be everywhere.  This one takes small and subtle to extremes on a rather nondescript and colourless corner but, if you pause for a second glance, there’s interest to be found in the contrasting shades and textures.  Perhaps that’s the point.

(Click for a closer view)