The flag irises are flowering in the wetland at Parc Martin Luther King.



This new park is designed and managed as an attractive habitat for both people and wildlife. Bold planting, whether of native wildflowers or wild-type ornamentals, allows the characteristics of different species to stand out.


iris parc clichy batignolles martin luther king


Just now it’s the golden yellow of the irises that catches the attention of human visitors, bees and hoverflies, while sparrows and other small birds are busy among the fluffy seed heads of last year’s bulrushes.


étang parc clichy batignolles martin luther king


The new growth on the reeds already offers cover for families of young moorhens and ducklings, attracting the excited attention of visiting children.  Later the reeds will tower over the other waterside plants, adding their own distinctive character to the wetland as they bend and rustle in the breeze.