Closed to rail traffic long ago and out of bounds to all but the most determined urban explorers, this section of the Petite Ceinture railway is gradually being reclaimed by ailanthus trees and wild clematis. From the street the track is almost invisible behind a thick screen of young trees but a fenced in footpath which crosses the track gives a good view in either direction.



Looking south (above) the vegetation thins out as the track runs onto a bridge over the river Seine.  Looking north (below) the hint of a footpath leads towards a derelict signal box.



Parts of the Petite Ceinture railway are gradually being opened to public use as linear parks but the sections are disconnected and in places there’s no hope of reinstating the missing links. Just across the river from this section an old rail bridge has recently been demolished and the line of the track disappears into a building site. Accessible or not (to human visitors), this green ribbon offers a safe passage to wildlife and a glimpse of unofficial countryside to passers by.