The ornate mural fits the style of the gates.  The scrolling lines of the woman’s white hair echo the white key stones above the doorway and bricked up window.  Signed by five different people, this eye-catching wall looks like a well planned piece of collaborative street art.



When the gates are shut the building doesn’t give much away, so I looked up the address.  148 bis rue de Tolbiac, also known as Bat (or Bâtiment) K13, is a ‘space dedicated to urban culture, open to all citizens’.  The building belongs to ERDF, the French electricity supply network and was lying empty when it was taken over in a ‘citizen requisition’ in January.  The front wall gives a hint of the decoration inside.  The future of the building is uncertain and the current occupiers are expected to vacate it by September.  Meanwhile you can take a tour of the kaleidoscope of wall art beyond the doors, courtesy of this video on YouTube.


A post for Thursday Doors.