The name is strangely vague but the type is very distinctive.  More often than not there are shops or offices on the ground floor, then three to six layers of apartments above.  These characteristic buildings are known as immeubles which simply translates as building. Maybe it’s the archetypal Parisian building so no further description is needed.



The immeubles are joined together in continuous terraces giving an overall impression of homogeneity but look closer and the variations are endless.  Shutters or blinds; carved stone scrolls, pediments or garlands; iron guard rails in a hundred different patterns.  Look again and within the matching ranks of windows you start to see the signs of individuality; maybe only the preference for windows, curtains or shutters open or closed on a mild day of autumn sunshine but also the pot plants, ornaments and other details that mark out a place as home. Look and wonder for too long and the sense of streets full of layered lives might become overwhelming. There’s a lifetime of hidden stories in every building.

Prompted by the Weekly Photo Challenge Layered.

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