Have you ever looked for something that nobody seems to sell any more?  A certain sort of notebook, dishcloth, coffee pot or pencil sharpener?  If so, this is a shop for you, a specialist in ‘objects of our memory – 1890 to 1970’.  Here’s the photo again so you can click twice to look inside. (The same applies to all the photos to follow)


objets de notre mémoire boutique paris 4

You may be able to find anything you want or need to buy on the internet but small specialist shops seem to be thriving in Paris despite the competition.


antique book shop paris 6

Secondhand and antiquarian bookshops can be found all over the city.  This one specialises in antique maps and prints.


specialist bookshop paris 5

Subject specific bookshops are commonplace too – like this supplier of archaeology and architecture books…


small book specialist paris 5

but I’ve only once come across a specialist in really tiny books.


bookbinder paris 13

If your antique books are in need of care and attention you may seek out the services of a bookbinder and gilder…


brocheur paris 5

but the brocheur, whose specialism was the arranging of pages in order for the bookbinder, has long gone out of business.  The bookbinders must arrange their own pages these days.


upholster's shop paris 6

Upholsterers are quite common but specialists in the repair of cane and seagrass seats may not be easy to find.


fourniture pour le piano paris 13

If you’re a piano tuner running low on felts for piano hammers this is your shop…


and if you need a sack of coal or a chimney sweep’s brush, make your way to the street of the Hermit’s Well.


Some large shops offer supplies for every kind of art and craft but here’s a mosaic supplier who can provide materials, give you lessons in the craft and, if all else fails, design and complete the project for you.


sweet shop paris 4

Finally a sweet shop, but a specialist one at that.  Where else would you find Vichy Pastilles, Auvergne Fruit Paté or Bourbon Bonbons?


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