Sunshine between the showers in Square du Serment de Koufra.



After a wet morning this popular neighbourhood park at Porte d’Orleans was unusually empty.



Like many Paris parks Square du Serment de Koufra has an official name chosen for historical significance rather than local convenience.  I guess regular visitors simply call it ‘the park’.

The serment or vow referred to in the name is Colonel (later General) Philippe Leclerc’s pledge, made after the 1941 battle of Koufra, that he would not lay down arms until the French flag was flying again on Strasbourg cathedral.   On August 25th 1944 it was at Porte d’Orleans that the 2nd Armoured Division under Leclerc’s command entered the city in the Liberation of Paris. Leclerc’s pledge was fulfilled in November of that year with the liberation of Strasbourg.