The Parc de Sceaux is formal landscape on a grand scale; impressive in any weather, beautiful when low autumn sunlight catches golden leaves and still water.


Paths cut through the woods…

and parallel avenues are intended to draw your eye into the far distance.

fountain reflections autumn parc de sceaux

The giant fountain is a focal point for views from four directions…

a bright column of water shining in the distance…

autumn colour parc de sceaux

or a pencil thin jet leaping into a misty cloud depending on your view point.

Designed by Andre le Notre for Jean-Baptiste Colbert, chief minister of Louis XIV, the park must have seemed an extraordinary display of power and wealth when it was first created. The artificial landscape has mellowed through three hundred years of alternate neglect and restoration.  Now a public park, it’s beautifully maintained but managed with a light touch, accommodating wildlife as well as ball games, bikes, joggers and picnickers.

There’s at least one person in each of these views to give a sense of scale but you may have to double click on some photos to find them!