I’m a bit in two minds about old tools as objets d’art – that delicate three pronged fork could be really useful if it just had a new handle – but the ingenuity with which these odds and ends have been recycled is quite extraordinary.


metalwork recycled old tools gate ivory-sur-seine

This beautiful contraption is a gate that rolls across the entrance to a building site. Click for a closer view and you’ll see how the whole thing works.


recycled old tools gate ivry-sur-seine

The gate has a sturdy steel frame filled with wooden panels (painted with all the flamboyance of a circus wagon) and trimmed with a border of pinchers, spanners, trowels and hoe blades.


I can find nothing on the web about the gate or its creator.  The site through the entrance has a building permit for construction of 41 ‘houses’ which appear to be temporary accommodation. The fanciful gate stands in marked contrast to the plain practicality of the housing units. There’s a story in there somewhere.