It’s always part hidden by parked cars and usually in the shade too but as I cycled past early one evening this wonderful mural was glowing in the low sunlight.  Although it’s eye-catching in any light the colours of this wall really comes alive in sunlight, appropriate as Chilean artist Inti takes his name from the Inca sun god.  Here are two more sunlit images and some details from an earlier visit when the mural was in the shade.


Inti’s characteristic style is richly detailed, built up of layers of texture, colour and pattern.   A video of the work in progress here shows a little of the complicated process of it’s creation with brushes, rollers, spray cans and very skillful hands.

Profiles of the artist (such as this one) explain the layers of cultural reference to be found in his murals but they are fascinating in their own right without the back story of South American folk tradition and political history.