The entrance door leads from a narrow shady street, hemmed in by tall buildings either side. The ticket office for the Giardino Bardini is in a spacious entrance hall but there’s no sign of a garden.  At the top of two flights of stairs a door leads to a small terrace with rooftop views.


Anyone who knows Florence (or Firenze) will already recognise this distinctive skyline with the mottled colours of the tiled roofs, the tall watchtower of the old palace and the ribbed dome of the cathedral.


As you climb up through the winding pathways of the garden views of the city open up below, framed by trees in flower or young spring leaves.  The sky was bright as we climbed but the sun was hidden by the clouds so that perfect view of Florence framed by apple blossom will have to wait for another spring or another photographer.


As we reached the terrace at the highest point of the garden the sun came out.

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