There are few cars in the narrow, stepped streets of Le Panier so pedestrians can safely walk in middle of the road.  They don’t have much choice when the pavement has been colonised by local residents with seats and potted plants.


Doors and windows hint at the history of a house.  Plants and their pots show the individuality of the current occupiers…


with practical improvisation…


and careful colour coordination.


Some bring colour to their home in other ways.  The door’s a little dull but the mermaid more than makes up for that.  Does the artist live here or was he invited to visit with his spray cans? (The text under the window reads ‘Who are you, fisherman’s daughter, you who I call sirène?’)


Most doors in Le Panier are subtle colours but there’s room for bright primaries too.


Some doors are simply puzzling.

A post for Thursday Doors.