Back in Paris last night in time for the Bastille Day fireworks.



Our viewpoint, along with a few hundred other people, was Place de Fontenoy, at the back of the École Militaire.  The Eiffel tower stands out above the buildings and we could just hear the music from the Champ de Mars beyond.  The night was warm and the small crowd was relaxed and cheerful.  Not the best viewpoint but a good place to be.


Bastille Day fireworks Paris


I’ve not worked out the right camera settings for firework photos so the few that came out are a random selection.  There’s a much better view of this spectacular display here.

As you may have noticed, France is having a good weekend.  We watched the big match and soaked up the atmosphere at a local bar this afternoon.  The celebrations will continue long into the night; we’ll be going to sleep to the sound of distant cheering and honking car horns.